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Architectural Design and

NFT Creation 

Designing the metaverse is creating a virtual world that knows no boundaries to creativity – the sky is no longer the limit. Metaverse architecture creates spaces where the real and the virtual world become one.

Meta architecture is changing how we perceive things in the real world due to the impacts of the places we found ourselves in the virtual world. The expectations on conventional architecture may grow exponentially. Metaverse architecture creates a utopic environment and a deeply immersive experience in it. As a result, certain design elements currently exclusive to digital spaces will be somewhat integrated into the real world.

In the metaverse, architects and designers are able to test new ideas and experiment beyond the limitations of our current reality. This dystopian social media networking is paving a whole new era of architecture, more ambitious. And the trendsetter for homes, cities, and worlds.

Proposed Steps for Promoting and Selling NFT Artwork



VizionWorx provides the service of creating NFT's for Artists and assists with marketing and registration to an NFT Marketplace to be sold around the world.


An NFT is a Digital copy of an Original Art piece. It can be sold once as a single NFT, or a limited collection of NFT's. This provides opportunity to sell an Art piece more than one time. NFTs are considered original digital works that cannot be sold without proof of ownership which takes place when the NFTs are registered (minted).


VisionWorx will travel to the specified Gallery, Art showing, or anyplace the Artwork is stored. High resolution photographs will be taken of each Original Art piece from which NFTs will be created.


An NFT is a digital asset that represents an Internet collectible similar to digital art, music, or videos and comes with an Certificate of Authenticity. An NFT contains all the information about the Artist, the sale of the NFT, etc.,


NFTs are currently trending. They are selling for more money than original Artwork. It is because they are easy to acquire and trade in many NFT marketplaces. Therefore, they attract many more people purchasing them than a single physical work of Art.


Virtual Galleries for NFT's

VizionWorx will build a virtual 3D Gallery where the Artist can invite friends and clients to browse and view the Artwork from any digital device. The virtual Gallery can be of any design with a wide variety of lighting options. From the Gallery each Art piece will have a direct link to an online site (such as: Open Sea, Rarible, Async, Mintable, etc.) as original Artwork. Clients can purchase from the marketplace and the Artist receives funds automatically.



NFTs' are bought and sold online with cryptocurrencies. Registration is required on a cryptocurrency marketplace (such as Coinbase, Robinhood, Etoro, etc.). A digital Wallet is also required for the transaction of funds to the Artist (such as: Metamask, Coinbase, Walletconnect, Fortmatic, etc.).


VizionWorx will assist with the setup all the accounts and registration required to sell NFTs.


All information about the Artwork is stored as a block of data on a blockchain and stored on multiple computers preserving it's information and history. The owner of an NFT possesses a digital ledger which acts as a public certificate of authenticity.


Things like deeds, titles, records, movies, and more will move to digital ownership; and, because they’re decentralized on Blockchain, this provides the owner a secure method of ownership.


Each NFT will have a QR code in the virtual Gallery linked to the marketplace where it can be purchased with cryptocurrency. The sale of the Artwork will go directly into the client's digital wallet where it can be transferred to the clients' cryptocurrency account (such as Coinbase, Robinhood, Etoro, etc.) From these accounts, cryptocurrency can be deposited in the client's US bank account in US dollars.




VizionWorx will provide services n these steps


Creation of Virtual Gallery for Clients' Artwork:


  • Photograph the art work on location at Client's address. Capture each piece in high resolution.

  • Create a 3D model of a Gallery space (of client's choice of design space)

  • Display photographed Artwork in a virtual Gallery


Conversion of Art work into NFTs :

  • Create a cryptocurrency wallet (such as: Metamask, Coinbase, etc.)

  • Create account on an NFT marketplace (such as: Open Sea, Rarible, etc.)

  • Create the Artist's home page

  • List price and other details with the NFT (price in Polygon tokens)

  • Convert Artwork to NFT's and list selling price (either single or collection)


Payment to the Artist:


  • Add titles and QR code to the Art on Gallery walls

  • Link each Art piece with QR code to the NFT marketplace web page that lists the NFT.

  • Each Art piece purchase will be deposited as cryptocurrency into the Cryptocurrency Wallet.

  • Crypto currency in the Wallet can be sent to a Coinbase or other marketplace account that will convert and deposit US Dollars to specified bank account.

architectural  design

Designing the metaverse is creating a virtual world that knows no boundaries to creativity – the sky is no longer the limit. Metaverse architecture creates spaces where the real and the virtual world become one.

VizionWorx designs and creates 3D custom Architectural models for the metaverse.  Models can be any Architectural style high in detail.

For many years, the internet is mostly a 2D catalog with hyperlinks, and now it finally starts to look interesting with the potential for 3D experiences and will change the way we work, shop, live, how can architects play a role in shaping and enriching the grand metaverse

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